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Innovative solutions simplifying procurement of logistics services

Cloud-based platform offering digital logistics procurement solutions that connects Importers and Exporters with Logistics Service Providers and Cargo Insurance brokers.

Powered by AI, ML, & Advanced Analytics.


Become Carbon Neutral

Our mission includes helping companies in reducing their carbon footprint to achieve the goal of carbon-free logistics globally

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Marketplace for Freight rate procurement. Importers & Exporters can now search, compare, award, pay, route, and track shipments online on one single platform.

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A complete online ebidding solution for all your Freight procurement.
Select, launch, compare and award bids.

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Logistics Service Provider
Cargo Insurance Provider

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Modes of transport

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The LogisEye Edge

Global Network

Your reach to global & local Logistics Service Providers and Cargo Insurance Brokers across all major trade lanes and modes of transport

Save Cost

Estimated savings of 5% -15% in logistics spend and 10% - 20% in administrative costs with improved efficiency and spend management.

Real Time Visibility

End-to-end visibility on one single platform of all shipments routed on LogisEye platform with multiple Logistics Service Providers; access to comprehensive performance management and dashboard

Save Time

Route your spot shipments in less than 60 seconds. Save over 60% of the time on your freight bidding.

Customer Excellence

Round the clock support from our Customer Excellence Center, AI-enabled chatbot, and inbuilt 3-way chat


Get complete visibility on supplier selection and logistics spend with approval matrix and compliance check validation

Electronic Documents Management

Users can organize and share documents by shipment on our cloud-based repository effortlessly

IT Integration

Dynamic data integration with all stakeholders on our multi-party ecosystem, simple and easy to use API tool kits to integrate with legacy and new age technologies.

Performance Management

Live dashboards and business intelligence reports to manage & ensure superior performance

Gateway to Global Trade

Importers & Exporters | Logistics Service Providers | Cargo Insurance Providers

Importer and Exporter

Fast track shipping, accelerate growth

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Logistics Service Provider

Go digital, grow your customer base

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Cargo Insurance Provider

Online cargo insurance 24x7

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Delivering happiness digitally

Communication is at the forefront of LogisEye, where we focus on customer support for all our business partners. We bring customer-centric experiences with advanced relationship management technology and AI-enabled ChatBot.

We invest in new technologies to empower our business partners with a unique and compelling digital customer experience by providing a timely and proactive response.

  • Hi there 🖐. I’m Logibot, your virtual assistant. I'm here to help with your general enquiries.

  • Hi there 🖐. I’m Logibot, your virtual assistant. I'm here to help with your general enquiries.

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