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Around the world, most of the companies still continue to follow manual processes for their logistics procurement and face enormous challenges.

The trillion-dollar freight industry demands smart and evolving technologies with an increased focus on procurement and overall supply chain transformation to meet the needs of the changing customer requirements.

We offer state-of-the-art cloud-based digital logistics procurement ecosystem, integrating with all parties on the value chain. With our multiple innovative solutions, scheduled to be launched over three phases, aim to solve the key challenges in the procurement and payment of logistics services.

LogisEye not only accelerates digital transformation in the logistics industry but also adds value to each stakeholder across the value chain. The platform aims to simplify and standardize the logistics procurement processes and efficiently manage air freight, sea freight, road transportation, and cargo insurance, resulting in cost savings, real-time shipment tracking, and transparency.

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To be the global leader in digital transformation
accelerating and simplifying end-to-end
logistics procurement.



We provide a global digital platform that connects
stakeholders delivering a more efficient, cost-effective
and transparent logistics procurement process.




  • Treat all people with dignity, listen to what others have to say before expressing your viewpoint.
  • Build trust through transparent and honest communications
  • Listen to everyone’s ideas, contributions and value the collective power of teamwork
  • Implement policies and procedures consistently so people feel that they are treated fairly and equally
  • Treat people the same no matter their race, religion, gender, ethnicity and nationality.


  • Honest and open communication while sharing information with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Employees rigorously communicate with their peers and exchange ideas and thoughts.
  • Trust is the foundation of great teamwork and transparency breeds trust
  • Encourage open access to information, participation, and decision-making among stakeholders.
  • Honest and compliant in our actions.


  • Explore new ideas and bring solutions that will continue to create value for our customers.
  • Turning uncertainties into opportunities and support the stakeholders with creative solutions
  • Pursue the latest technology to develop creative and simple solutions to improve our work and our stakeholders’.
  • Developing better, superior and effective solutions, adding value to customers.
  • Build an organization culture which nurtures innovation.


  • Quick, efficient, and continuous decision making
  • Embrace uncertainty and be the quickest and most productive in developing solutions.
  • To be proactive and sensitive to the changing customer and market requirements, lead and create new solutions that address the changing needs
  • Empower employees to drive the organization toward fulfilling its purpose and vision
  • Make continuous learning an integral part of our DNA

Social Responsiveness:

  • We recognize and believe in our responsibilities towards the communities we serve.
  • Always sensitive towards the needs of the community around us
  • Innovative digital solutions that brings transparency and promote ethical business.
  • We will act responsibly and resolutely to build and contribute to the community, enriching / improving quality of life, making a positive and sustainable impact

Brand Key
Brand Promise

Value Creation - Transform, Simplify, Accelerate

Point of Reference

The go-to platform for procurement of logistics services.

Point of Difference

Comprehensive suite of logistics procurement solutions on one integrated ecosystem

Meet our team

Perfect blend from logistics, supply chain and technology industry

Decades of hands on knowledge and experience coming together to digitalize, transform, simplify and accelerate logistics procurement.

Mathew C. Mathew

Founder & CEO

Mathew is the CEO and Founder of LogisEye where he plays a key role enabling digital transformation in logistics. Prior, he served as CFO for Danzas for over 26 years.

Krishna Raj

Co-Founder & VP Partnerships

Krishna comes with over 23 years of Manufacturing, Business Management & Strategy background. Prior to LogisEye, Krishna worked as Group General Manager MENA for engineering company Godrej.

Leo David

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Leo comes with over 28 years of experience in Logistics, Supply Chain, FMCG, Technology and Sales & Marketing, having worked with global logistics companies like DHL, DB Schenker, UPS and Inchcape across multiple regions.

Fran Baby


Fran Baby is an astute IT professional with over 20 years experience in designing, developing and deploying enterprise-class multi-tier web and mobile applications on a wide range of platforms. He worked with Reuters, RBS, BP, ICICI Bank and UBS.

Zico Paco

Head of Customer Service

Zico comes with over 18 years of experience in Logistics, Supply Chain, Telecommunication & Hospitality industry, having worked a decade with DHL Global Forwarding as Customer Relations Manager for Strategic Customer Segments & Global Humanitarian Logistics Competence Centre.

Gaith Dhimish

Head of Product

Gaith has worked with international companies such as DHL and Agility with 9 year of experience in Logistics Operations Design and Robotics Process Automation.

Sharon Ann Mathew

Finance Manager

Sharon has worked with the Big4s with over 4 years of experience in Audit and Tax for the Government, Infrastructure and Healthcare sectors.

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  • Hi there 🖐. I’m Logibot, your virtual assistant. I'm here to help with your general enquiries.

  • Hi there 🖐. I’m Logibot, your virtual assistant. I'm here to help with your general enquiries.

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