Freight eBidding – anytime, anywhere

Go-to Digital eBidding solution for procurement of Freight

Companies can benefit from minimizing logistics spend, automating and accelerating the procurement process with our LogieBid platform.

Importers and Exporters worldwide can launch reverse auction to procure the most competitive Freight rates online.. The solution is designed with Artificial Intelligence technology that leads users to get an unrivaled customer experience. Customers can automate the eBid launch time, review live bidding, analyze and award the bids.

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Benefits for Importers and Exporters

Logistics Procurement made digital, transparent and cost effective

Save Cost

Customers can save an average of 10% to 20% on their freight when they procure through the reverse auction tool. Users can set target prices during bidding, with or without visibility to the bidders, manage automatic bid extensions and avail best rates.

Real Time Visibility

Manage your end-to-end milestones from the preparation of bids until award. For shipments awarded to LogisEye vetted Logistics Service Providers and routed through the solution, customers can get real time visibility.

Save Time

Our Artificial Intelligence enabled automated solution can save over 40% of standard procurement time. Online workflow management, automated bid parameters, and analysis will improve efficiency and accelerate the procurement process.

Global Network

Companies can easily select from global & local Logistics Service Providers registered with LogisEye. Users can also invite additional suppliers of their choice to participate in the bid.

Cost Management

Negotiate target price during bidding, Purchase Order Management, and Business Intelligence Tools to manage logistics cost against budget by project and business units

Transparency & Compliance

Get complete visibility and compliance on supplier selection, cost management, denied party & embargo screening, and electronic data management all on one platform.

Data security, privacy and encryption
is at the core of our DNA

Benefits for Logistics Service Providers

Experience the power of digital procurement

Business Growth

Connect easily with global and local customers through online bidding and accelerate your business

Profitability Management

Easy to manage automated online bidding template avoids errors in manual rate tabulation and provides full visibility on profit margins.

Bid for the best – Cost Savings

Logistics Service Providers can register as a customer and launch eBids to procure freight and related services from their sub-contractors and save an estimated 5% -15% of costs.

Save Time

Our Artificial Intelligence enabled automated solution can save over 70% of normal bid participating time. AI-enabled Logibot will expedite the bidding process through proactive communication.


Get complete visibility, compliance on supplier selection denied party & embargo screening and electronic data management all on one platform.

Digitalized Bid Management

Live Dashboard to provide end to end visibility from the bid launch till bid award. Logistics Service Providers as a customer can route and get visibility of all shipments that they sub-contract through LogieBid.


LogieBid has LogisEye vetted service providers registered with us for most of the trade lanes. Users can select from these registered service providers and invite additional Service Providers of their choice to participate in eBids. LogisEye has the capability of a unique In-app 3-way chat, which allows selected parties to be on the same conversation.

Yes, you can set default Award Parameters and Weightages for your standard eBids. Users can edit the default Award Parameters and based on specific eBid requirements.

Yes, users can request credit period from service providers at the time of launching eBids. If the user wants to use credit facility with LogisEye, they must select Credit Application and approval process at the time of post registration. Users can opt to pay for their eBids using other LogisEye payment methods (Credit/Debit Cards/Net Banking/LogiEye Wallet)

  • Hi there 🖐. I’m Logibot, your virtual assistant. I'm here to help with your general enquiries.

  • Hi there 🖐. I’m Logibot, your virtual assistant. I'm here to help with your general enquiries.

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