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About this Document:

Procuring freight and cargo insurance is simplified and accelerated with the LogisEye Solutions platform and we make our Terms and Conditions to be as simple as possible for all the users of our platform (Buyers & Sellers) (the “Users”).


Buyers Terms and Conditions govern the usage of LogisEye Site by all its Users and the same is available at, its subdomains, and all related domains (the Site). These Terms and Conditions are legally binding and cover all User's Shipment transactions and become a part of the Master Services Agreement (MSA) governing the use of the LogisEye Site and the LogisEye Services.

We encourage Users to review these Buyers Terms and Conditions periodically as we strive to keep Terms and Conditions updated and/or changed from time to time. The last published version of the Terms and Conditions on LogisEye Site will govern the Shipment booked by you through LogisEye Site.

This Buyers Terms and Conditions was last updated on February 22, 2021 and is effective between you and LogisEye as of the date of your acceptance of this Agreement.

Table of Contents

  • Definitions
  • Commitments
  • LogisEye Solutions – Scope
  • Signing up with LogisEye
  • Access to LogisEye policies (Privacy, Cookies, etc.)
  • LogisEye pricing structure to access the LogisEye Services.
  • Sellers quoting rates in LogisEye Solutions.
  • Choosing the right Quotes for your shipment
  • Charges included in Quotes.
  • Accessorial Charges on Shipments
  • Pricing Policy and different categories of Charges
  • The validity period of the Quote
  • Shipping through the LogisEye Solutions
  • Shipping Documents for Customs Brokerage and Regulatory Approvals
  • Parties of the contract when Booked through LogisEye.
  • Transit time is given in Quote.
  • Choice of multiple carriers.
  • Offers and promotions in LogisEye Solutions.
  • Cargo Insurance in Quote
  • Customs clearance at the destination
  • Different currency options for payment
  • Different Payment Options through LogisEye
  • Direct payment to Seller
  • Temporary Storage or Warehousing Charges
  • Booking /Routing of shipment to Seller
  • Selection of Shipper and Consignee Details
  • Shipping Documents
  • Management of your Shipments
  • Dashboard
  • Shipment charges
  • Quotes
  • Billing Information
  • Customer Excellence Center
  • LogiBot – AI-enabled Virtual Assistant
  • Communication with Sellers
  • Seller refuses to handle or cancels Shipment.
  • Cancellation of Shipment by Buyer and Refund of Charges:
  • Cancellation of shipment by Buyer after Seller incurred costs:
  • Cancellation of shipment by LogisEye
  • Abandoned Shipment/Cargo:
  • The dispute between Buyer and Seller
  • Performance rating and Reviews

1. Definitions

The capitalized terms and rules of interpretation as defined below will apply to the Terms and Conditions.

Abandoned Cargo:

Cargo which the Buyer or Consignee has not made the necessary arrangements to pick up the Goods from the destination point or warehouse or has not cooperated in customs clearance or has prevented delivery efforts within 10 calendar days of any such extended free time at origin or destination after release notice and barring any dispute with Seller.


The act of accepting an online Quote from LogisEye Site that is establishing a valid contract with Seller for any of the LogisEye Services including the freight services, customs brokerage, and cargo insurance or any other service covered by that Quote.


An organization or entity buying LogisEye Services through the LogisEye Site.


The importer of record for your Shipment

Force Majeure Event:

As defined in Section 6 below.

Freight Forwarding Services:

Services Including the carriage, consolidation, storage, handling, packing, or distribution of Buyer’s goods and any other value-added services or accessorial and ancillary or advisory services in connection with the Buyer’s Shipment which may Include customs brokerage and related matters, declaring the Buyer’s Shipment for official purposes, procuring, cargo insurance of and procuring documents related to the Buyer’s Shipment.


The cargo booked for shipment via LogisEye


LogisEye Solutions FZCO, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and/or the LogisEye Site can be accessed at and any of its partner sites including via API.

LogisEye Services:

Term used for all software applications and platforms that are available to Users on LogisEye Site including digital solutions for online comparison and procurement of rates for freight, cargo insurance, and other value-added services, supporting the payment of Fees, routing, and tracking of shipments and the exchange of business documents between the Users.

LogisEye Solutions:

All online software applications/solutions provided by us in LogisEye Site as part of the LogisEye Services.

Mandatory Law:

Any applicable laws, rules and regulations, statutes, or orders of any government or authority of any tier having jurisdiction over the services or these Terms and Conditions, the provisions of which cannot be departed from at the discretion of the Buyer, the Seller, or LogisEye.


Automated rates displayed in LogisEye Software after matching the freight shipment details as updated by Buyer.

Seller/Service Provider:

Any company or an entity offering rates through LogisEye Site for various LogisEye Services Including freight services, customs brokerage, Cargo Insurance, and any other services whom the Buyer has selected to execute their Shipment.


Also known as Consignor is the exporter of record for Your Shipment


After a review of different online Quotes from LogisEye Site for the movement of a Shipment from an origin to another destination, the Buyer will send the Booking/Routing of the freight Shipment to the selected Seller and upon such Booking, it becomes a Shipment.

Standard Operating Procedure: (SOP)

A standard operating procedure (SOP) is a set of step-by-step instructions compiled for Seller display, sell and provide services through LogisEye System.

LogisEye Site:

A platform providing solutions and products as an online applications to Buyers and Sellers to buy/sell freight and insurance rates.

2. Commitments.

LogisEye Policies & Procedure along with some other important documents that operate in conjunction with the Terms & Conditions are available for Users and are incorporated by hyperlink reference. A complete list and link to these binding policies and documents are available on our Site and at the end of the Terms & Conditions. The Terms and Conditions, Policies, and Procedure are updated from time to time, and to the extent that some of the policies/procedures and documents may have a conflict between our Terms & Conditions and our MSA, the provisions of the MSA is final and shall override any contents thereby.

3. LogisEye Solutions – Scope.

LogisEye Solutions provides multiple innovative digital solutions for the procurement of logistics services 24/7, supported with electronic document management (EDM), inbuilt chat facility, AI-enabled chatbot, and 24x7 customer service. Our Solutions Include:

  • an online marketplace for Buyers and Sellers, where Buyers can have instant freight and cargo insurance rates from Logistics Service Providers (LSP) and Cargo Insurance Service Providers (ISP) through Insurance Brokers to compare rates, online payment, arrange instant Booking/Routing, manage & track shipments for major trade lanes for different modes of transport online and avail 24x7 customer service.
  • an online marketplace for Buyers and Sellers, where Buyers can have instant cargo insurance live rates from Insurance Service Providers (ISP) through Insurance Brokers to compare rates, arrange online payment, request for online Cargo Insurance Policy and avail 24x7 customer service.
  • an online eBidding/reverse auction where Users worldwide can launch reverse auction to procure competitive freight rates and/or cargo insurance rates online. Users can schedule the eBid launch time, set awarding parameters, review live bidding, analyze, and award the bids.
  • all other digital solutions that are scheduled to be hosted in LogisEye Site in the near future.

4. Signing up with LogisEye.

All businesses or entities importing and/or exporting commercial products (personal effects not included currently) that comply with the Buyers Terms & Conditions and Master Services Agreement (MSA) can apply online to sign up with LogisEye. Upon successful internal KYC validations, Users will be notified of their access credentials.

5. Access to LogisEye policies (Privacy, Cookies, etc.)

Users when using the LogisEye platform or website (, LogisEye Privacy & Cookies policies apply. Both policies are available on our website. If, you have any queries, questions, or feedback, you can email our Customer Excellence team at

6. LogisEye pricing structure to access the LogisEye Services.

Any user signing up with LogisEye will be subject to subscription fees and transaction fees (price structure is available on request). LogisEye may waive the subscription fees and transaction fees as part of its product launch for a limited period and the details of same will be available on LogisEye Site.

The transaction fee is charged only when you select a Quote and Book a shipment through LogisEye, arrange a Cargo Insurance request, or launch an eBid. LogisEye charges enable us to effectively manage our Solutions and provide you with 24/7 support for your Shipment. Any User sighted to be involved in any unlawful act for any reason will be denied and their shipments made through LogisEye Site under any such signup may be canceled.

7. Sellers quoting rates in LogisEye Solutions.

LogisEye is fully supported by industry specialist & leading LSPs, and other value-added Service Providers such as Insurance companies, Insurance Brokers, and Customs brokers, who have been screened, vetted & selected to provide their rates and services to LogisEye Registered Buyers directly via our online platform. We are committed to offering the highest quality standard services through our selected Service Providers on the LogisEye platform.

All our selected LSP’s go through a selection process, verified, and approved internally and through a 3rd party assessor (Accuity), the measures taken are ONLY to have top rated Sellers offering quality services to You.

8. Choosing the right Quotes for your shipment.

Based on the shipment details updated by the Buyer, LogisEye marketplace Solutions will provide freight and cargo insurance Quotes for Buyer to compare and book their shipment. Our innovative digital solutions simplify and accelerate the rate comparison for Buyers where they can use multiple sorting and filtering options to find the right Quote for their Shipment. LogisEye Solutions may add or delete these sort orders and filters based on feedback from different Users.

Buyers can sort the rates by IATA ranking of Seller, price, transit time, and performance rating of Sellers.

Buyers can use different filters to reduce the number of Quotes for easy comparison including service levels, carriers, favorite Sellers, transit time, budgeted cost, the performance rating of the Sellers, etc, Users must use their own preferred criteria for sorting, filtering, and comparison of rates before selecting a Seller.

Buyers can rate the performance of the Sellers on completion of execution of every shipment. Users are strongly recommended and encouraged to review comments from other Buyers who has submitted additional pertinent information regarding the service levels and performance of Sellers. Please note that the reviews from Buyers are their subjective opinions and are not endorsed by LogisEye at any stage.

9. Charges included in Quotes.

Sellers validly published Quotes include all standard freight transportation charges based on the shipment details inputted by Customers. The pre-determined quotation does not include any governmental charges such as customs duties and taxes, customs inspection, port-related charges, any additional charges unknown at the time of the freight booking (i.e., changes or modification made to load dimensions), or charges that may arise due to discrepancies between the information provided and the actual shipment details.

The online quotation is purely based on Customers input shipment details which are required to be reviewed when they appear on both the quotation, as well as on any subsequent final checkout page. If any deviation is noted between the details as reflected in the Quote or shipment page, and what is shipped, may result in a change to the shipment cost. There may also be additional government or port-related charges, beyond the control of the Service Providers for which Customers may be charged as applicable.

LogisEye works on a defined and transparent pricing policy. If you ever feel that a charge has been added in error and not in line with the Pricing Policy, you may raise a dispute and notify the LogisEye Customer Excellence team at

10. Accessorial Charges on Shipments.

All Shipments Booked through the LogisEye Solutions are subject to Pricing Policy. The guidelines and criteria for additional charges to any Shipments are governed by the said policy.

A Customer when books a shipment can view from the Quote provided by the Seller details of all charges that are included and charges that are not included in their quotation. There are optional services that can be availed and be added to the Quotes as needed like Customs brokerage and associated services, Cargo insurance, etc.)

Additional costs (Accessorial Charges) may also arise during the execution at origin port/airport, in-transit, reaching destination airport/port due to difference in weight, quantity, and/or dimensions, referral for regulatory approvals, storage due to delay in getting documents at origin and/or destination, actual costs on accessorial services requested, unsuccessful pickup/delivery attempts, etc.).

Sellers are authorized to add the relevant Accessorial Charges to the Customer after justifying and providing enough receipted proof of payment and will charge under Accessorial charges after notifying Buyer and getting their approval through LogisEye.

11. Pricing Policy and different categories of Charges.

Please refer Pricing Policy for the details of different categories of charges as detailed below:

  • Original Quote and standard Charges Included therein from Sellers.
  • Original Quote and charges not included therein from Sellers Including LogisEye Transaction fees, Disbursement Fees, Credit card processing fees, credit finance, and insurance fee, etc.
  • Accessorial Charges
  • Duties & Taxes levied by the relevant government authorities.
  • Other Government and passthrough charges
  • Commodity specific charges
  • Storage Charges and Free Time at origin and/or destination
  • Charges relating to Original Documents for Customs Clearance

12. The validity period of the Quote.

LogisEye policy with every Seller has a clear understanding and as per the Master Services Agreement, every published Quote from different Sellers including the Customs broker that every Customer sees on the LogisEye Solution contains a validity date. Customer expected readiness of cargo date or the shipment is expected to gate-in or be consigned to the origin airport or port of departure. Most of the rates are updated with a validity date and are valid as applicable “at the time” of search based on shipment date and other search parameters.

The validity of the rates will be visible along with the Quote. Users cannot use the same quotation for multiple shipments as each shipment & applicable rate is linked to a unique quotation number. Sellers are obligated to honor their published Quotes if the cargo has been loaded or gated-in within the validity period as stated on the Quote.

If a shipment is not gated into the origin airport/port before the validity date, due to the goods not being ready, the shipment may be subject to a rate adjustment and Seller will ensure to report any such rate increases or changes to Buyer through LogisEye communication methods immediately of shipment departure so that Customers do have the opportunity to review and agree to the revised or the difference in charges online.

If Buyers wish to cancel the shipment because of a rate adjustment, they must do so at the time of notification of the adjustment. Failure to receive Buyer cancel notification or confirmation to cancel by Sellers via LogisEye omnichannel communication methods, then the Seller will be using their best judgment in deciding to hold, move, or cancel the shipment considering both the cost of the adjustment and the cost of delays. The Seller will own the responsibility to update the Buyer regarding the additional costs on the LogisEye Solution.

Cancellations cannot be done retroactively, and if you choose to cancel after cargo/shipment handed over to airport or port authorized handling agents then, Customers will be having to bear any costs and cancellation fees incurred until that point.

For more details, please refer to Pricing Policy.

13. Shipping through the LogisEye Solutions.

LogisEye marketplace Solutions provides freight and cargo insurance rates for major global trade lanes where our Buyers are involved in importing or exporting commercial goods except for personal effects shipments. Users can compare freight rates for containerized or non-containerized general stackable, perishable & DGR cargo by Air, Ocean, Road, and Rail. The service mode available for shipment is by FCL (Full Container Load), LCL (Less than Full Container Load), and through FTL (Full Trailer Load) and LTL (Less than Trailer Load) and cargo insurance rates through our Insurance Broker.

LogisEye eBidding/reverse auction Solution provides access to the Buyers to launch eBid/reverse auction for shipments from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world under different modes of transport and different cargo types.

As part of the process, customers are required to provide clear and correct cargo/commodity descriptions, and uploading your shipping documents (commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, etc.) will help Sellers in quoting correctly and execute the shipment promptly. Please note that it is the User’s prime responsibility to provide an accurate description of the product, quantity, weight, number of packages, and correct shipping documents, failure to have these details and documents, Seller will not be obligated to execute the shipment and has the complete authorization either to refuse or to cancel the shipment and User will be responsible for any additional actual costs incurred. Any subsequent modification to the shipment or documentation once it has been verified & approved for execution and processing by Seller, the Buyer must communicate promptly to the respective Sellers and vice versa via the LogisEye Omni-channels communication methods such as LogisEye 3-way chat & chatbot.

14. Shipping Documents for Customs Brokerage and Regulatory Approvals.

It is the responsibility of the Buyer of the Shipment using LogisEye Solutions to communicate and agree with the Seller, customs brokers, shipper/consignee on various documents that are mandatory at the origin and/or destination for customs clearance or any other regulatory approvals. Buyer must send clear instruction in writing to Seller while Booking the shipment on such requirement of collecting original documents before shipping and sending same to the destination, wherever it is mandatory.

Additional documentation may be required for some of the cargo types like “dangerous cargo” and the Buyer is responsible to provide such documentation to the Seller.

15. Parties of the contract when Booked through LogisEye.

The customer once books a shipment through the LogisEye platform for freight and/or cargo insurance automatically agrees to a LogisEye Service with their chosen Seller. The contract is between Buyer and Seller. LogisEye acts like an aggregator or a facilitator arranging freight services between the two parties. The Seller will own full responsibility for the successful execution of Buyer’s shipment.

LogisEye is responsible for the collection of payment from Buyer for the Service Providers, however, LogisEye does not in any capacity becomes a party to the shipment execution.

LogisEye does not endorse any Sellers nor Sellers are affiliated entities of LogisEye but we limit our scope of work to make reviews for Sellers online so that the same can be used as a part of the information to compare service levels of Sellers. LogisEye hereby confirms that we do not direct, control, or dictate any of the Sellers or any execution of shipment booked by customers for freight services.

However, LogisEye facilitates complete omnichannel communication methods with Buyers and Sellers and is available to help wherever possible. LogisEye will be able to send pre-alerts, notifications, nomination alerts both on the platform using the LogisEye Omni-communications channels and by electronic email. Users must confirm that they have access to LogisEye emails and that they do not go into the spam folder. Every user must ensure to reply to any operational notifications or emails to keep communication on and that execution of shipment runs smooth and avoid delays or any additional costs.

16. Transit time is given in Quote.

Estimated delivery dates and transit times are not guaranteed. Transit times displayed on Quote as indicated by Seller are estimates only and provided in good faith only for Buyer information. Both LogisEye and Seller do not take ownership of transit time as both intend to offer a realistic transit time as well as update shipment tracking information based on the carrier’s website and sailing schedules that are made available as information ONLY through the platform, but due to the nature of the freight forwarding business and the industry, actuals may vary from estimates.

17. Choice of multiple carriers.

LogisEye obtains freight rates and is made available to Buyers from industry-leading international and domestic Sellers. If a specific service level (e.g., direct flight) is specified in the Quote, the Seller must execute this service as quoted. In the event, the Quote provided by any Seller does not specify the carrier name (shipping line, airline, etc.) or the route with a particular choice of carrier, it is up to the Service Providers to provide carriers details based on practical considerations to execute the shipment as smoothly as possible.

In the event the Seller is unable to get a booking on the selected carrier as per the Quote on the scheduled date, the Seller will advise alternate options to Buyer and the applicable difference in charges if any. Upon such notification, the Buyer can either modify the search or advise the Seller to initiate an Accessorial Charge request for approval and payment before the execution of the shipment. Where the Buyer is not agreeing to move the Shipment based on the recommended carrier from Seller, they can cancel the shipment with notification to the Seller through LogisEye Solution. Applicable charges will be refunded based on the LogisEye cancellation policy.

18. Offers and promotions in LogisEye Solutions.

LogisEye may offer promotions from time to time on subscription fees and or transaction fees. Since the agreements for freight, cargo insurance, and customs brokerage services are directly between Buyers and Sellers, LogisEye promotion is not included in the freight and/or cargo insurance rates. A promotion code will be made available to Users that stipulates the discount offered. Promotional offers may be subject to additional criteria rules, including minimum order amounts, the limitation for first-time Users, etc. One promotional code may be used per term per product subscribed, subject to the expiration date listed and any other applicable rules.

Please note that the Sellers’ offers, or promotions are not available to Buyers through the LogisEye platform.

19. Cargo Insurance in Quote.

In the event of physical loss or damage to cargo while in transit, the liability of the carrier is limited as per the applicable International Conventions, and LogisEye shall not be responsible for any such damage. There is no guarantee on the recovery of the full amount of the loss and damage from a carrier and your compensation may be marginally less than the commercial value of the goods or actual loss.

LogisEye recommends Buyers to ensure that goods are adequately covered by Cargo Insurance before shipping the goods and minimize their loss.

All Quotes on the LogisEye platform have the option to search and compare cargo insurance rates. The insurance policy included is a pre-negotiated, standardized cargo insurance policy with trusted, third-party insurance providers through our authorized Insurance Broker.

Comparable Cargo insurance rates (premium) will be provided in LogisEye Solutions for the Buyers to select from. Such rates are then added to the Quote and the shipment will be covered against loss and or damage as per the Policy document issued by the Insurance company.

Buyers can choose to opt-out and not include insurance in their quotation and arrange insurance coverage privately and will bear responsibility for any potential claims. If Buyer fails to cover insurance coverage for their Shipment, such Shipment will not be covered under Cargo Insurance. Sellers and carriers may settle any such claims on a case-to-case basis on applicable international conventions. Where Buyer Books a shipment and includes cargo insurance, the Cargo Insurance Provider will issue an online insurance certificate and will be sent same by email to Buyer and attach a copy with the shipping documents in LogisEye Solutions.

20. Customs clearance at the destination.

All international shipments require customs clearance. Many Buyers do not have pre-arrangement for customs clearance at destination nor have an existing relationship with a customs broker. LogisEye will support the Buyers in making their shipping experience smoother by providing the option to include customs clearance in their Quote. If the Buyers ticks the option for customs clearance, their quote will include the customs clearance, which will be performed by the selected and nominated Service Providers.

If Customers chooses to coordinate customs clearance independently and want to exclude customs clearance from LogisEye quote and opt-out from customs clearance, the Customer will be responsible for ensuring handling customs clearance directly and will cover all costs, including any additional costs arising from delays if cargo is not cleared from customs in time. If Customers choose to add customs clearance to their quote, they will be asked to fill in an Authorization letter or fill in a form for air and ocean shipments as provided by the Service Providers. The Authorization letter is a legal document granting the customs broker the authority to handle the customs clearance process for you. LogisEye is not a direct party to the customs clearance process and is nowhere involved in the process.

21. Different currency options for payment.

The Buyer before looking for quotes can decide which currency that they would like to have their Quote. A quote shall appear in AED, USD, or GBP, depending on several factors, most importantly is the Customer location. Rates may be submitted to LogisEye by the Service Provider in 3 different currencies of their choice and will be converted to USD or the local currency at the time of quoting.

In cases where there is a conversion rate, the conversion rate will be set at the prevailing prime rate at the time of the generation of the Quote.

22. Different Payment Options through LogisEye.

Upon selection of the Seller and accepting the Terms and Conditions, Buyer will be redirected to select from different payment options before proceeding to Book the shipment and notify the Seller.

LogisEye provides the following four payment options to its customers.

  • Pay by Debit/Credit card
  • Pay by Net Banking
  • Pay with LogisEye Wallet
  • Use LogisEye Credit facility

Debit/Credit card - This payment option allows Customers to save the debit/credit card information with our authorized Payment Gateway linking to their account and have shipment costs charged to that card. When the Customer pays by credit card, consent is given to pay for the original Quote. Any additional Accessorial Charges, customs duty, or taxes applicable for the Shipment needs to be paid separately. Credit/Debit Card payments are subject to a credit Card Processing Fee of 2.25%. Buyers can Book the Shipment immediately upon getting successful payment confirmation from the Payment Gateway and update in LogisEye Solutions.

Net Banking - This payment option allows customers to pay the charges by wire transfer. To LogisEye bank account in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Shipment can be Booked only once the payment amount reflects on LogisEye’s bank account and shipment status is changed in LogisEye Solution. If satisfactory proof (official swift copy from the bank) of the wire transfer completion details are provided to LogisEye, the shipment may be processed, subject to LogisEye financial approval process.

LogisEye Wallet – Customers can keep a deposit amount in LogisEye Wallet and authorize LogisEye to deduct the applicable Shipment charges at the time of booking. Balance amount in LogisEye Wallet can be used for payment of shipment charges, Accessorial Charges, customs duty, and taxes. In the event the balance in LogisEye Wallet is insufficient to make the payment of applicable charges, customers can top up the amount in the LogisEye Wallet through debit/credit payment or net banking.

LogisEye Credit facility - LogisEye may provide a credit facility to selected customers in selected countries subject to getting approval from its credit insurance company. This payment option allows customers to pay for their shipment on approved credit terms. Application for credit facility is done online during registration and by clicking the ‘Apply for credit’ button. If the Customer has applied for a credit facility and the same has been approved by Credit Insurance for LogisEye credit facility, the Customer will be notified of the approved credit limit and credit period.

Where Customer chooses this payment method while booking the Shipment i.e. authorization to debit the credit facility account, such request is approved subject to the good credit standing of the Buyer, the total amount including the charges for the Shipment is not exceeding the approved credit limit, there is no overdue outstanding, Customer account is in “active” status. Customers get visibility of the approved credit limit, credit days, outstanding invoices, and the overdue amount at the time of authorizing the payment from the Credit Account. Customers must settle the outstanding invoices on or before the due date. Where a credit facility is approved, Credit Finance Fee as agreed with the Customer will be applicable on every invoice based on the credit period approved.

In the event, a credit facility request of Customer is rejected by Credit Insurance Company or where the Customer is based in a country that is not covered by a Credit Insurance Company, LogisEye may request the Customer to submit a bank guarantee in original to approve a credit facility.

Credit facility approval is subject to the following credit financing and insurance fees billed to the Buyer:

Credit Period Credit Finance and insurance fees.
Up to 30 days 0.75% of the invoice amount
31 to 60 days 1.4% of the invoice amount
61 to 90 days 2.00% of the invoice amount
91 to 120 days 2.50% of the invoice amount

23. Direct payment to Seller

Where the Buyer is using LogieBid solution for launching an eBid/reverse auction to obtain competitive rates from Sellers, they can request for direct payment with Seller and request the required credit period and include requested credit facility as one of the award parameters for the evaluation of bid result. In the event the bid is awarded to a Seller who agreed to a credit facility, the Customer can accept billing directly from Seller and arrange direct payment to them on the due date.

LogisEye will invoice the Customer for the application which can be settled using any of the four payment methods listed above.

24. Temporary Storage or Warehousing Charges

In the event the Buyer requests for temporary storage or warehousing at origin or destination to reduce the demurrage and or detention, such charges need to be negotiated directly with Seller and settled directly.

25. Booking /Routing of shipment to Seller

Upon selection of the Quote and successful payment or payment authorization for the charges, shipment will be changed to “Route “status. The buyer can check the status of the readiness of the shipment and initiate the Booking of the Shipment.

In the event of either any difference in the expected date of readiness of shipment or a difference in the shipment details, the Buyer can opt to Modify the details and launch a new search to get an updated Quote. When a Buyer opts for an updated Quote, any difference in charges can be paid using different payment options. In case the revised shipment charges are less than the amount initially paid for the Shipment, the same will be credited to the LogisEye Wallet and the same can be used for future shipments.

While routing the shipment, the Buyer can update the Job Type, Job Number, Business Unit, etc. subject to opting for and configuring same at the time of user set up for better cost allocation and booking. Buyer can be given clear routing instructions including any specific Letter of Credit (LC) requirements and/or original documentation requirements.

26. Selection of Shipper and Consignee Details

Buyer can upload existing shipper and consignee details at the time of Customer Set Upon completion of Customer Registration and approval and select the Shipper and Consignee details from the master list while Booking the Shipment. Buyer can add details of new Shipper or Consignee details at the time of Booking and save same to the master list for easier selection on future Shipments.

27. Shipping Documents

LogisEye Solution provides an Electronic Document Management facility where the parties can upload all relevant documents for easy access to different Users. Buyer can upload available shipping documents Including commercial invoices, packing lists, certificate of origin, legalization documents, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for hazardous goods, and other documentation that are required at the origin and/or destination for customer declaration and/or other regulatory approvals.

Where a Buyer is requesting Cargo Insurance coverage, it is mandatory to attach the Commercial Invoice before sending the Booking.

28. Management of your Shipments.

The platform offers Users a few additional tools and resources to manage their Shipments easily and effectively. Below are some of the highlights that the user must be familiar with to ease the management of their Shipments.

29. Dashboard.

Users can easily manage their daily activities from the Activity Tab of LogisEye Dashboard.

1. “Dashboard - Action Sheet “will give you status on the following where Users can filter information by Mode of transport and LogisEye Modules that they use:

  • a. “Upcoming Tasks” will provide information on any user subscriptions that are falling due for renewal, notification on the potential change in rates, and special offers, if any. “Active Shipments” with the latest status of your Shipments are under execution. Any shipment that is on “Exceptional Status” will be marked in red to show that such Shipments are not moving as per the initial schedule.
  • “Routing Pending” will list the shipments where the User selected a Quote and arrange the payment or payment authorization and pending for Routing/Booking with Seller. “Pending Payments” will list all Shipments where the request for Accessorial Charges or other payment requests are pending for your approval and payment or payment authorization. Users can click on the link that will direct you to the payment gateway to make or authorize the payment.
  • “Launching e-Bids” will list down the e-bids that are scheduled for launch. In case the User wants to modify the e-Bid before launch, the User can click on the link of the selected e-bid and make such changes before the launch.
  • “Closing e-Bids “will show the summary details of eBids that are on the bidding stage. By selecting an e-Bid, users get access to get visibility of the e-Bid that is in progress.
  • “Open Claims” lists all claims filed to the cargo Insurance Provider or freight forwarder through LogisEye Solutions that are still in open status. It will show the summary information on the claim number, claim date, aging of the claim, and the claim amount.

Dashboard – “Analytics” will assist users to get a detailed analysis of their Shipments Booked using LogisEye Solutions. Analytics Tab provides an operational and financial summary and graphical presentation for easy understanding.

Users can filter the following information by different LogisEye Modules and for different date ranges:

  • Number of Shipments
  • Breakdown of Total Shipments - Under Execution and Executed
  • Breakdown of Insured Shipments – Active and Completed
  • Spend Analysis – Logistics Costs and Insurance Costs
  • Claims Analysis by status Closed, Open, and Rejected
  • Shipment Volumes by Mode of Transport
  • Detailed statistics:
  • No. of Shipments moved by you through Top 5 Forwarders.
  • No. Shipments Insured by you through Top 5 Insurance Companies
  • Your Logistics spend through Top 5 Forwarders.
  • Your cargo Insurance spend through Top 5 Cargo Insurance Companies
  • Top 5 Import Countries
  • Top 5 Export Countries
  • Top 5 Trade Lanes
  • Performance of Top Forwarders Overall – Transit Time
  • Performance of Top Forwarders by Trade Lane – Transit Time
  • Performance of Top Forwarders – Rating – for Service Levels
  • Claims Status with Forwarders
  • Claims Status with Cargo Insurance Providers
  • Aging of Open Claims

Shipments Tab will list details of all your Shipments Booked through LogisEye Solutions. Separate Tabs are available for Normal Shipments and Exceptional Shipments. Users can filter the information by Quote Type, Mode of Transport, and Shipment Status.

Following search options can be used to shortlist your search results:

  • Quote Number (OCN)
  • Shipper Name
  • Consignee Name
  • P O Number
  • MAWB/MBL Number
  • ETA

Shipment details can be sorted in the following orders:

  • Shipment Number
  • Quote Number
  • Shipper & Origin
  • Consignee & Destination
  • Mode of Transport
  • PO Number
  • ETA
  • Status

Users can get the detailed information including real-time tracking of their shipments by clicking the details link on the shipment where you can access the following information:

Subject to the update of information from the Seller, the Progress bar on the top will display the latest stage of the shipment that is in execution.

  • Details: All Shipment Booking details including Forwarder, Insurance Provider, Carrier, Origin, Destination, Shipper, Consignee, ETA, Service Levels, Cargo Type, Service Type, PO Number, etc
  • Track & Trace – All Transit information including key milestone dates and tracking.
  • Contact Details: Full contact details of Shipper, Consignee, Forwarder at Origin, Forwarder at Destination.
  • Documents: Different shipping documents attached electronically by different Users at different stages of the shipment
  • Chat – User can communicate with different parties about the Shipment and the Chat gets saved with the Shipment details for easy reference. Users can communicate with Forwarder, Insurance Company, and LogisEye team.

30. Shipment charges.

  • Shipment cost breakdown, including, freight quote, platform fee, customs brokerage, insurance, and additional charges if any.
  • Download a proforma invoice and tax invoice.
    Payments: Pay shipment charges by credit/debit card, wire transfer, or from Wallet or charge to a customer credit account.


  • Review details of Quotes that are saved and pending for Booking/Routing where details can be filtered by Mode of Transport, and Quote status.
  • Quote, details can be searched by Quote Number (OCN), Origin, Destination, Service Type, Shipper, and Consignee,
  • Details of Quotes can be sorted based on all the fields that are appearing on the screen.

32. Billing Information.

  • View your approved credit limit.
  • Manage outstanding amount and overdue outstanding.
    Access your updated statement of accounts.

33. Customer Excellence Center.

  • Access to LogisEye Customer Excellence Center for all the support and queries regarding shipment and platform.

34. LogiBot – AI-enabled Virtual Assistant.

  • Users can chat with or talk to our AI-enabled virtual assistant LogiBot to get the immediate status of the Shipment, FAQ information, etc.

35. Communication with Sellers.

LogisEye believes in transparency and therefore helps Customers and Service Providers to facilitate and open channels to have direct communication between Buyer and Seller. Once Booking and nomination are confirmed and received by the Seller, the LogisEye Omni-Channel Communication allows Customers to chat with the Seller and the LogisEye Customer support team with a 3-Way communication. All communication via Voice chat, 3-Way chat, ChatBot, is logged with date, time-stamped, and stored within the Chat account at Shipment level for easy retrieval.

For all Buyers introduced by LogisEye to Sellers, LogisEye encourages Customers and Service Providers to transact & communicate exclusively through LogisEye Solutions for a period of 24 months following the first Shipment. Customers considering booking off the platform with Service Provider during that period may result in account suspension except where there is a pre-approval taken from LogisEye in writing.

36. Seller refuses to handle or cancels Shipment.

LogisEye tries to ensure that none of the Booked shipment is canceled or refused unless forced to do so which is beyond the control of Buyers or Sellers.

Seller may refuse to handle your Shipment or request for cancellation where any reasons for non-compliance is involved as under:

  • Non-compliance with any applicable laws
  • Shipment to/from embargo countries
  • Shipment involving denied parties.
  • Expiry of Trade license or Company Registration
  • Any other Compliance issue in connection with Buyer, Shipper, or Consignee
  • Buyer refusing to provide any of the mandatory shipping documents.

In addition, a Seller shall refuse to handle your Shipment and request to cancel it for any of the following reasons:

  • The seller cannot physically execute the shipment because of Force Majeure.
  • Any material discrepancy between the details as per Booking and actual description of goods, Cargo Type, pickup time, or any other substantial discrepancies. The seller will notify you of the difference in charges that will be applicable for your approval before proceeding with the Shipment.
  • Buyer fails to meet the legal compliance requirements of Seller.
  • Failure of Buyer to respond to pertinent questions from the Service Provider for 14 calendar days or more to execute the shipment.

Any cancellation by the Seller or failure to execute the shipment other than for these reasons is considered a breach of contract. Change in market condition, carrier capacity availability, and cancellation of schedule by carrier are not considered as valid reasons for cancellation of Shipment.

In the event of cancellation of a Shipment, the Seller must:

  • advise the cancellation costs, if any, and such costs must be in line with the actual fees incurred following pickup of goods
  • Provide valid supporting documents /proof of charges.

37. Cancellation of Shipment by Buyer and Refund of Charges.

Buyer may cancel their shipment if for any reason the Service Provider has not fulfilled the obligation under the Master Services Agreement (MSA) or other LogisEye policies and the Seller may be liable for any losses incurred, such as additional costs to arrange alternate transportation costs. However, Seller will not be responsible for any loss of profit or consequential losses to any party.

In the event the Seller failed to execute the shipment, the Customer is entitled to rebook the shipment with a different Service Provider after payment of the difference in charges, if any.

In the event of cancellation of any Shipment by Buyer, before the selected Seller has processed your Shipment, all the charges paid and or authorized for payment will be credited back to LogisEye Wallet. In case the Buyer requests for a refund of the amount, LogisEye will deduct applicable bank charges and refund processing fees.

Refunds are processed by the LogisEye finance team every two weeks. In case of credit card refunds, Customers will typically see the funds back in your account within seven business days net of applicable credit card fees.

38. Cancellation of shipment by Buyer after Seller incurred costs.

In the case of a Customer canceling a shipment after the Seller has already incurred any costs pertaining to the Booked Shipment, the Customer will be charged for the relevant commercially reasonable and documented costs and refunded the remainder. LogisEye customer support team will coordinate with Seller and advise the applicable charges to Buyer before arranging such refund.

39. Cancellation of shipment by LogisEye.

LogisEye shall cancel a Shipment notify both parties that a shipment has been canceled due to non-compliance with the MSA and/or other policies under the following circumstances:

  • The buyer has failed to comply with stated payment or credit policies including the settlement of overdue outstanding payments.
  • if LogisEye tends to believe that the Customer is not legally permitted or eligible to procure freight services
  • Buyers account has been restricted for other violations, including but not limited to abusive or harassing language or behavior, the transmission of counterfeit documentation,
  • Buyer is only searching for the rates regularly and not booking any Shipments, and any other violations

40. Abandoned Shipment/Cargo.

Buyer commits to paying for the Quote and consignee accepting the shipment upon delivery at the destination port/airport while Booking a Shipment.

Customer Shipment/cargo may be considered abandoned in the following cases:

  • Where the shipment type is to-port or to-airport and the Buyer fails to make the necessary arrangements with the consignee to collect the goods upon arrival at destination port/airport within the stipulated time period provided by the port/airport terminal operators (or extended free time where relevant). Buyer/Consignee shall coordinate with destination agent or port/airport on the free time that is available for the collection of the Shipment/cargo.
  • Where the shipment type is to-door, the consignee does not cooperate in customs clearance or prevents delivery efforts within 7calendar days (or extended free time where relevant) after arrival and/or release notice.
  • Seller is responsible to notify the Buyer/Consignee in writing that the shipment delivery cannot happen due to consignee failure to make necessary arrangements or cooperate in customs clearance and must make all reasonable attempts to mitigate damages and reduce associated airport/port costs, prior to treating a shipment as “Abandoned Cargo”.
  • If you do not rectify the failure within 7 calendar days from receiving arrival and/or release notices, the Seller shall be entitled to treat the shipment as Abandoned Cargo and must maintain proof of such notification given.
  • Subject to Seller taking necessary attempts to complete the shipment before abandoning it, the shipment costs paid by the Buyer for such abandoned shipments are not refundable as the Sellers has already incurred the shipping costs before abandoning the shipment.

41.The dispute between Buyer and Seller.

LogisEye attempts to ensure that there are no disputes and conflicts between Buyer and Sellers for Shipments routed through LogisEye Solutions. Shipment Booking is a direct agreement between Buyer and Seller. In the normal course of the Shipment, the charges as per Quote and other Accessorial Charges are approved and paid or authorized for payment by Buyer.

LogisEye seeks to help both parties to have a mutually beneficial experience and provides a wireframe for Customers and Service Providers to resolve disputes amicably.

In the event any dispute cannot be resolved amicably between Buyer and Seller, parties can submit a LogisEye Dispute Form online with all necessary documentation substantiating your claim /dispute and Users can follow the Dispute Policy.

Once a dispute case is submitted you will be provided with the opportunity to support your claim with evidence documentation within a reasonable time as needed according to the nature of the dispute. The LogisEye Team will mark the disputed Shipment as disputed in the system, which will temporarily stop collection and payment on that amount until the dispute case is resolved.

In the case of any dispute on the customs duty amount charged by the Customs at the destination, that needs to be addressed directly through the broker at the destination.

The following process is to be followed once the dispute is raised by either of the party to LogisEye:

  • LogisEye team will review the specifics of the disputed amount, the evidence submitted by both parties, and the final decision will be review by the LogisEye team.
  • If additional information or documents are required and are necessary to substantiate and decide the dispute case, the LogisEye team will reach out for further clarification. To the parties
  • LogisEye will prepare a dispute summary including all the events regarding the shipment.
  • The dispute summary document will be shared with both parties upon dispute closure.
  • The LogisEye team will notify both parties of the outcome of the dispute process within fifteen (15) business days from the last evidence submission.
  • Please note that the LogisEye team decision in the dispute summary is final and binding, it cannot be reopened for a secondary review or subsequent dispute.
  • LogisEye encourages both parties to submit substantial evidence during the dispute process to support your claim.

Both parties will agree that any disputes arising during the existing contract will be bound by the dispute process as presented by Dispute Policy

42. Performance rating and Reviews.

Upon the Shipment reached Completed Status on delivery or handover as per the shipment type, the Buyer has the option to rate the performance of the Seller and share your review and experience. We appreciate the honest opinion, experience, and suggestions from Buyers to improve the performance levels. LogisEye reserves the right to remove or edit reviews for clarity and to protect the integrity of Sellers if false allegations, the abusive and unruly language used during the review.

Service Provider reviews form an important element for Customers when selecting a Quote on LogisEye. If Customers & Service Providers have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at support@

We are registered with the Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA), and this policy shall be governed and construed in accordance with the rules and regulations of the DAFZA and the laws of the Emirate of Dubai, and the applicable federal laws of the United Arab Emirates.

Any dispute arising out of the formation, performance, interpretation, nullification, termination, or invalidation of this policy or arising therefrom or related thereto in any manner whatsoever, shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the provisions set forth under the DIAC Arbitration Rules (“the Rules”), by one arbitrator appointed in compliance with the Rules.

Users shall review other LogisEye policies and agreements that are available for reference on our website.

  • Hi there 🖐. I’m Logibot, your virtual assistant. I'm here to help with your general enquiries.

  • Hi there 🖐. I’m Logibot, your virtual assistant. I'm here to help with your general enquiries.

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