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Digital Logistics Procurement

B2B brand agnostic cloud-based platform aims to lead the digital transformation in procurement of logistics services globally.

The ecosystem empowers all stakeholders in the value chain to interact and operate in real-time. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enabled automated suite of solutions accelerates logistics procurement, routing, freight audit, payment and delivers unique and compelling digital customer experience.

Our innovative solutions are tailored to solve key challenges in the procurement of logistics services. The platform architecture and interoperability features simplifies and standardizes the procurement processes bringing efficiency, cost savings, real time visibility and transparency.


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Transform. Simplify. Accelerate

A dynamic user friendly Ecosytem that meets all your logistics procurement requirements

Customer Experience

We bring customer-centric experiences with advanced relationship management technology, AI enabled LogiBot and 3 way chat.

IT integration

Dynamic data integration with all stakeholders on our multi party ecosystem simplifies data transfer, facilitates real time visibility, neutral supplier performance management and data analytics.

Scalability & Accessibility

Our auto scalable SaaS model hosted on the cloud allows easy global accessibility to subscribers with added data privacy & data security.