Innovative digital solutions

transforming logistics


A state-of-the-art Logistics Procurement Platform integrating with all parties on the ecosystem and operating in real-time with a fully interactive model.

Our solutions are tailored to solve key challenges in the procurement of logistics services for air freight, sea freight and road transport facilitating growth.

The platform architecture and interoperability features simplifies and standardizes the procurement processes accelerating logistics procurement and bringing efficiency, cost savings, real time visibility and transparency.


Embrace the new era of simple digital logistics solutions

Marketplace for freight & cargo insurance


Search and compare rates, pay, route and get real time visibility.

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eBidding/reverse auction for freight & cargo insurance


Launch eBids, compare, award, pay, route and track shipments

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Marketplace for Cargo Insurance


Instant rates & insurance policies, online claims management

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A radical change in Logistics Procurement is just around the corner…Stay Tuned

LogisEye is scheduled to launch next-generation suite of digital solutions,
that would transform procurement of logistics services worldwide.