Imagine, innovate, create.

Accelerate to a world of new opportunities

We are on a mission to transform and simplify logistics procurement processes with multiple cloud based innovative solutions to solve the key challenges in the procurement and payment of logistics services.

We give you the right space to learn, innovate, grow and succeed

We create the right environment for aspiring minds to shape your path into the new world of digital space. As an emerging technology enterprise, we are constantly in search for passionate individuals with drive for innovation to be a part of this journey.

Growth opportunities

We welcome fresh young graduates and experienced talent to be a part of emerging technology enterprise with open transparent engagement to all genders, cultures as we create new opportunities across the globe.


We recognize and value contribution from all our employees and don’t hold back to award them for their efforts.

Health and well-being

We make sure to keep our employees inspired, energized and happy. A happy employee is a healthy employee and we leave no stone unturned to ensure you work in a safe and positive environment.


Celebrate each moment, be it good or bad, we do it together. We don’t leave a chance to have fun and take a break from our daily routine.

Build your dream job here

Bring your creativity, can do attitude and passion, we offer great ambience to nurture young talent to pursue the right career path.

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Experienced Hires

Empower and make a difference. Bring your perspective/talent, knowledge and experience, we offer new opportunities to take your career to the next level.

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Innovative thinking, passionate leadership, and strong product line are key to the success of LogisEye. Our digital platform strives to simplify and standardize the process of procuring Logistics services. With a balanced mixture of seasoned veterans and enthusiastic youngsters, we provide a vibrant atmosphere to learn, innovate, grow, and succeed.

Join us in our journey, let us lead this digital transformation together.

  • Hi there 🖐. I’m Logibot, your virtual assistant. I'm here to help with your general enquiries.

  • Hi there 🖐. I’m Logibot, your virtual assistant. I'm here to help with your general enquiries.

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